Much harder ride than Saturday’s ride.  I did fewer miles but they were much harder miles on Sunday or I was just tired from the Saturday ride.  😦  You can click on the images to make them larger.

I only rode on bike paths yesterday, which was a real treat for me.  No traffic to contend with and I’m sure the traffic appreciated me being off the road.


I took that path all the way to the beginning of the Heritage Trail.  The path actually goes over a new bridge that crosses highway 52.  Pretty neat riding your bike over the highway.  I suspect that a lot of my riding the rest of this year will be on the trails.  Much safer.


Ride Info:  16.4 miles | 1:34:14 duration | Highest speed attained 28.8 mph | Average speed  10.4.  That’s because it was mostly up hill on the way home.  Of course it was mostly down hill on the way out.  🙂

Have a great day and be careful.

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