Saturday ~ August 17, 2013


It has been awhile since my last ride.  I passed up three perfect evenings to ride this week but finally did get the bike out this (Saturday) afternoon.  I decided to ride a one hour loop down Grandview and back out to Asbury.


When I did the Mt. Carmel spin I came back up by the bike path (just off Grandview) and the little bad guy on my shoulder said, “You should go down the hill to the river.”  Ah, but if I go down to the river then I also have to come back up and that is a hell of a hill for my fourth ride.

“No worries, you’ve done it before.”  Wow it was hard.  I’m just not in very good shape right now so it was a difficult ride up the hill.  The good news is I only had to stop twice and that’s acceptable for the first time.


Ride Details:  Temperature about 83 degrees with a 15 mph wind.  20.4 miles | 1:52:48 ride duration | 31.3 mph highest speed reached | 10.8 mph average.

Hope to ride again tomorrow and then do 2 – 4 rides during the week. ambitious but achievable.  Thanks for stopping by.  Safe travels and be careful.

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